Satisfied parents

  • “The little one slept properly for the first time in his life”

    “The little one slept properly for the first time in his life” Joakim is a professor in molecular biotechnology at KTH in Stockholm. In 2003 his wife Lotta gave birth to their second child. The problems started after a couple of months. The nights were no longer restful as little Måns screamed incessantly. They bought Minifom and Lotta stopped eating dairy products. Nothing helped.. At that time Joakim met Thomas Carlström from Industrifonden in Gothenburg. He thought that he had the solution to the problems Joakim and Lotta faced. When Thomas was back at home in Gothenburg, he searched for the prototypes of the rectal tube which he had received from two inventors who had been there and demanded money from him a few weeks earlier.. He sent the tubes to Joakim.. They met again two weeks later and Joakim was extremely grateful. The little tube had the desired effect and the little one slept properly for the first time in his life.

    Joakim, Stockholm
  • “Our son was calm after only two days.”

    My husband and I had our son in June 2012. He had some problems with doing a poo-poo and farting and we tried everything including prescription medicine. Then I read about WINDI and got a hold of it, started immediately and our son was calm after only two days, relieved, happier and could finally sleep as he should! I have even bought WINDI for two of our closest friends who have also had children and they are thrilled about having happy babies! Thank you to WINDI from Jönköping

    Widad Gergi, Jönköping sep 2012
  • “We tried everything, and then I really mean everything”

    Hello to everyone at Windi,…
    A little late, but our first child who is now 3 years old had colic for almost 6 months. We tried everything, and then I really mean everything, even
    acupuncture to try and help the little one during those really difficult days but we did not find
    Windi until the end of the baby’s colic and imagine our surprise when we realised that this was a truly wonderful aid for our little boy. He could finally sleep and so could we,…now we promote Windi as soon as we hear that someone has a baby with colic, we really want them to try using Windi as we realised that it helped us. We really wanted to write and thank you, without this simple aid both of us would probably have \“hit the wall\.”

    simon, nina, max och filip nov 2012
  • “Have even recommended it to another mother”

    …We have used Windi and it actually worked really well! Have even recommended it to another mother who I met in the waiting room at the children’s clinic.. Met her again a few months later and she said that it was the best advice she had got…So it also worked for her little one.

    "KarroN" 1/5 2011
  • “You could really see the relief on her face”

    Windi was our rescue when our little doll was younger! You could really see the relief on her face when the gas could whistle out, often together with a LOT of poo.

    "Inni84" 15/12 2010
  • “the little one became calm”

    We used them on our son and even though it has almost been two years, I still remember the first time. The stomach of our little boy just sank and gas whistled out. Afterwards there was the biggest poo we had ever seen and the little one became calm. Loved Windi!!

    "Gurkan" 3/7 2012